Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Welcome To The Working Week

I had a wonderful time being away from this blog for a week.

You know how exhausting it can be not posting anything interesting for two years. . . .

Anyway, I come back all ablaze – but without much time to write anything today.

I will say that I was amazed disgusted not surprised to watch a talking heads report on CNN last Friday, shortly after Standard and Poors downgraded the credit rating for the United States’s sovereign debt.

A spokesman for Standard and Poors was interviewed, and closed by describing the failures of the current U.S. political system meaningfully to approach solutions to structural debt problems.

CNN then put up a talking head for the right, and a talking head for the left. When asked if the political system was unable to address the structural debt issues, each spokesperson completely ignored the question to blame the opposing party for the downgrade, and for the structural debt problem itself.

It’s not necessary for me to blame either side – I can point to rigid, fanatical adherence to untenable [at least to Yours Mule-ly] positions on the right and the left. But it is necessary for me to laugh at the utter lack of awareness, or at least shame, demonstrated by both the talking heads that I watched that I watched on CNN, and by every elected representative that I’ve heard comment on the downgrade. They foolishly, and loudly, make the point for Standard and Poors.

And I can see no one who has an individual short-term interest in being anything but unaware, shameless, and foolish. Any talking head who displays anything less than loud extremism, at least more than once, is unlikely to be asked back. They get paid and famous for being loud a-holes. Any politician who displays anything less than loud extremism faces an almost certain challenge from within his or her own party in an upcoming election cycle – even in the “safe” district that’s been gerrymandered for that party.

Some wise old hands with a near-lock on their seat can probably be reasonable, but they might want to look at Alaska or Utah and crank up their extremism a mite. And some veteran talking heads [e.g. Cokie and George] can mouth something resembling compromise. But they’d better watch out – a firebreather could be in that chair next week.

At many times, I don’t really care – the entirety of the human species’s existence on this planet is less than the blink of any eye in the lifetime o’ the globe. It just doesn’t matter.

But my perspective might well change if I were to sleep under a bridge and eat twice a week. Which becomes more likely for each of us with every passing day.

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Mythical Monkey said...

Amen, bub. As I brilliantly put it on my own blog, compromise is the new third rail of American politics.