Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ghost On The Canvas Works for me

For the next few months, you’re likely to read a lot about Glen Campbell.

In case you missed the announcement earlier this year, Campbell has been diagnosed with Alzeimer’s Disease. He completed his new album, Ghost On The Canvas, which was released yesterday.
His latest, and last, record

He will tour to support the record, his farewell tour.

Well, I went on a recent search to look for tickets. The closest shows were in Philadelphia and distant West Virginia. And the Philadelphia date conflicted with Glen Matlock’s local appearance, for which I already have (and had) tickets. I was bummed out.

I’ll be really bummed out now. It’s a great record.

I’m in the tank for Campbell, anyway. I think that Wichita Lineman, as he did it, is one of the most beautiful songs and records ever. And Campbell had lots of other songs that move me, sometimes to tears.

Add to that his contradictory, crazy life, and it’s a bang-up MuleShow for sure.

Anyway, the reporting and press flurry that’s accompanying the release is sad and painful. Reporters are spending lots of time with a man, documenting his inability to remember much of anything recent. He doesn’t remember his diagnosis. He doesn’t remember conversations. In short, he is demented.

His wife is always nearby, as is one of his daughters – who’s also his banjo player. His daughter’s ability to project comfort and love is admirable. But it’s goddamned hard for me to read any of it without withering.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the rec. I agree whole-heartedly about Wichita Lineman.
Hoping you're well and happy,
Carol B.

mister muleboy said...

hey, you!

happy and well are always moving targets for me.

how be you? when I visited Facebook often, I felt that I kep up with people (as I nevertheless withdrew). now, I no longer even fool myself with that.

I feel like chris marrero on his first day. . . .