Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Three Ps in Paris

So, almost a month ago, when I still maintained the fiction that I maintained this blog, I posted about a distant suicidal trip to Paris.

At the time, I commented that my view of the world, as captured by photographs, was an indication of my mental state.

That's how I saw the world: blurred and askew.
Well, I thought I'd offer three examples of my view of the world while thinking about leaving it. These three Ps are personally powerful. You may find them putrid.  Or potent.

But most likely:  passing.

Please click on images to enlarge.

The Poultry. copyright 1998, 2011 mister muleboy

The Palace. copyright 1998, 2011 mister muleboy

The Pavement. copyright 1998, 2011 mister muleboy

At the risk of being even a bigger twat than normal: the photos should probably be viewed enlarged.

all images copyright 2011 mister muleboy
all rights reserved


Mister Parker said...

You know, I've always thought of the guy in the hat walking left to right on the sidewalk in "The Pavement" as the ghost of Henry Miller. I'm pretty sure the guy in the ballcap was completely unaware of his presence ...

thingy said...

The last one is fabulous. I just love the man in the suit.

The first one makes me dizzy... dizzier.

thingy said...

Me again. The last image has haunted my brain.

I would love to write a poem about it, at least give it a whirl. I did write this haiku...

The man in the suit

Rushing to cling to his past

He's a nowhere man.

So, if I come up with something, may I use your photo?

mister muleboy said...

So, if I come up with something, may I use your photo?

Of course!

Sorry for delay; five-hour flight became nine-hour ordeal. . . .

thingy said...

Thank-you. I've already written (couldn't help it) and posted something.

I really love the image. : )

*Ugh, that haiku sucks. LOL.