Monday, July 18, 2011

Ottawa Stage Collapses During Cheap Trick Set

I'll skip any of the cute jokes about Cheap Trick bringing down the house [well, maybe not], and
just say that I was


that when a storm tore down the multi-story stage at the Ottawa Blues Festival during a set by Cheap Trick*,

image borrowed from Cheap Trick

no one in Cheap Trick or its crew was hurt.

Apparently there were only minor injuries to others, which is a damned good [and surprising] thing.

*If it weren't for Cheap Trick, I'm not sure any of my current friends, or my ex-wives or current-kids, would be in my life. The Jestaplero came back from a school break to sing the praises o' Cheap Trick, and one
fateful college day,
a lanky

guitar player yelled out to me

"hey; nice shirt!"

He is still my friend and guitar player [although maybe on hiatus from both?]

we formed a band, put on a show,

and humped Judy Garland whilst Mickey Rooney watched!


Sir George Martin said...

I really liked one of the comments I saw after an online article:

Posted on July 18, 2011 at 7:05am

Bluesfest ?? Were the Sex pistols there ???

I had a similar response.

Jestaplero said...

This is correct. As I recall, my friend Miguel de Culbrain spent the summer of 1977 at his grandparents' home in Rockford, IL, and he returned home with a copy of IN COLOR which he reported was the hot commodity in Rockford that summer. He then proceeded to, in the parlance of the day, lay it on me, and the rest is history.

thingy said...

A harmless little group from my neck of the woods.

Glad no one was seriously hurt.

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

For a couple of years after 2006 you could see a weathered hand-made-looking billboard on westbound I-90 at the Rockford limits saying simply, "Cheap Trick's New CD Is Out"; it was always something cool to look for ...

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Simels has a link to a vid of the collapse.

Unreal. It reminds of the Minneapolis bridge collapse: this stuff isn't supposed to happen, so even when you see it you can hardly believe it.

tomanonymous said...

No hiatus from the former, the latter forced upon me by others (mostly you, IIRC ;-)).

I beleive the actual quote was "heeey, Cheap Trick, alriiight!". I was so eloquent then.

Were any guitars hurt? The mainstream media leaves out the important stuff.

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