Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Some Conspiracy Theorists Are Never Satisfied

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from "a Mythical Monkey writes about the movies" site

I see during my visit to the Mythical Monkey's outstanding site that Douglas Fairbanks was voted the readers' "Favorite Swashbuckling Movie Pirate."

I then sadly read that everyone thought that Errol Flynn would run away with it.  To such an extent that some, including the Monkey himself (and, dare I say it, our friend mister parker as well), have questioned whether a technical failure led to the result.

I think not.

I know that I voted for Douglas Fairbanks, and I am fairly sure that a number of other people that I know voted for him as well.  So I am confident that there was no hanky panky.

I, like Mister Fairbanks, have occasionally been wrongly viewed as the lucky recipient of someone else's glitch or misfortune.  I's a sad day when one of the finest actors ever to grace the screen is impugned in such a way -- even gently or inadvertently.

Shame on those who question.

Congratulations to Douglas Fairbanks.

PS The only contributor to this blog who voted was me, mister muleboy.  Only one vote of the 47 came from me or any of the other names on our masthead.  All other votes were by real, living, breathing people.


Mythical Monkey said...

In the spirit of the modern media, I am only reporting the controversy, not weighing in on its relative merits.

Or maybe I am. I forget.

But I certainly don't suspect you, my lifelong pal, of cheating. You know, on a poll, that is ...

I kid. You are my hero.

Juvenile Buffoon said...

I tried to vote for Errol Flynn but myvote was switched to Pat Buchanan!


Mythical Monkey said...

And don't forget all the people who voted for Ralph Nader ...