Monday, June 20, 2011

How's That Undeclared War Going. . . ?

Isn't it great having not only a flexible Constitution, but flexible laws? When things like the War Powers Act [a.k.a. The War Powers Resolution] are inconvenient, the President can just ignore them.

I like that idea; I wonder why no one ever tried it before?


Thomas Paine said...

Hey before anybody jumps on me, or even points out, that I'm coming down like a ton of bricks on Barry while I carefully parsed statements by, and examined the thinking of, George W Bush -- and demanded precision in people's criticism:

if you knew that the douchebag dumb a-hole down the street was a useless tool child-diddler, and then your pals accused him of being a tax cheat, you might stop your pals and say "you're piling on with the tax cheat business; child-diddling was enough!"

If the smart Constitutional-law professor next door turned out to be a closet autocrat Imperialist, you might be doubly offended and go after him hammer-and-tongs. . . .

[and yes, I did just equate one with being a child-diddler, and the other with being a hypocritical, "the-only-change-here-is-the-change-in-me-since-I-got-the-power" kinda guy]

Mister Parker said...

Hey, Riggleman resigned in protest -- what more do you want?

It was about the war, right?

Bellotoot said...

Didn't Frank Gorshin play The Riggleman on Batman?