Friday, June 24, 2011

"Evolution of the Intentions" Friday, No. 2

With both mister muleboy and little jimmie out of commission for the next few days, I am filling in as your guest poster on this moribund and essentially-defunct blog.

It's a little photo tour of the evolution of the Intentions. Except as "photo tours" go, this one sucks! The photos are awful. But ignore that. . . .

I'll start with innocent young pre-Intentions, and get you to jaded, pissed-off old men.

Stick with the ride.

Here is the vocal boy, in 1979, at an early gig with pre-Intentions band featuring The Jestaplero on the trap kit. This vocalist is plainly embarrassing himself:

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Within fourteen months, the Jestaplero had moved away, and the Intentions as we knew them were out performing. And right back at the same shithole, Louie's Rock City:

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Notice the evolution (hell, there's now a full-scale bass, and absolutely NO white clothes!):

In some ways, these guys were, I don't know, almost a real band:


Tomanonymous said...


former teenager chick said...

The first performance/rehearsal I witnessed of the band was during The Same part of the evolution w/Jestaplero, in the basement on Blue Coat (where else?); 'Mary, Mary,' 'Doo Wah Diddy,' and possibly 'Steppin' Stone' (tho I'm not 100% sure of the 3rd one, at least not on that day.

Sigh. You guys were so cool. (Of course I was a total nerdy girl, so everybody was cool. But STILL.)

And the rest is little innocent teenage groupie history, with us following The Intentions into the deepest, darkest recesses of DC. I can still see the cockroaches wandering around under the floorboards of Columbia Station, I think it was ... ?

Good times. A seriously good band.

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

'Mary, Mary,' 'Doo Wah Diddy,' and possibly 'Steppin' Stone' pretty much tells you right there what a kick-ass band the Intentions were. Those are 3 great songs that nobody knows how to cover. Although I do remember a "Bad Dad" moment when i told my exhausted 7-year-old to effin' chill with the whining because I wanted to hear the end of a (great) power trio version of Steppin' Stone at one of the godzillion free stages at the Minnesota State Fair ...