Friday, April 29, 2011

Update from the Minors

Everybody knows that I love the Dodgers. I'm a New York kinda guy, and they were a team of my youth.

But occasionally, Barbara and I like to watch the kiddy-cars go bang.

The minor leagues.

I see that, after a slow start, the Nationals' property Bryce Harper is doing this for the low-A Hagerstown Suns:

Average: .323
Home Runs 5
RBI 18
On-Base % .425
Slugging .645

Oppo Boppo my ass!

Potomac, here we come!


mister Parker said...

He's not going to be in low-A much longer. If he's not promoted by June 1, I'll eat ... well, I was going to say "my hat" but who wants to eat that? How about "lunch" -- if he's not up by June 1, I'll eat lunch.

tomanonymous said...

Will he bypass Pfitzner, tho? I hope not.

mister muleboy said...

I think not. I HOPE not

Hey - I last saw you at your birthday

Longest I've gone without seeing you since the first eighteen years o' my

Since then, a little
More often

May 13.
Buk. Party Tonight and

Mister Parker said...

By the way, when I say "promoted," I mean to high-A -- or even B or C, depending on whatever letters of the alphabet are available.

He won't be in the majors before June 2012.

Also, in preparation for eating lunch, I bought some frozen Indian food -- chicken tikka masala, specifically. So whatever Harper does, I'm ready.