Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Las Impuestas

My father was a brilliant man, and an able representative of our fine nation.

He worked in foreign countries, shoulder to shoulder with the finest civil servants and minds that some troubled nations had to offer.

He was one of the contributing "authors" whose work directly led to Fortran and Cobol, and ultimately to the world of smartphones and Onstar.

I paid more in taxes last year than he ever earned.

This demonstrates:

(1) he was underpaid;
(2) I am overpaid;
(3) I am overtaxed;
(4) I am not living off any of my brothers by deducting mortgage interest -- and am avoiding the Man's naked ploy to yoke us to the Man and keep us spending money we don't have on housing we don't need; or
(5) all of the above.

see v. tr. No. 4

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Who Am Us Anyway? said...

(6) that you've done your taxes ahead of April 15, something I haven't managed to do in 4 year :-(