Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday To A Non-Believer

As most of you know, I'm an atheist. Or, as I describe myself, an evangelical atheist.


A Christopher-Hitchens-style Christian, in the sense that the modern practice of Christianity bothers me daily.

I'm also a live-and-let-live kinda guy. I really do love my fellow man, and am enjoying re-emerging into the sunlight of love for the other human ants momentarily inhabiting the earth. And I say ants with love. I just don't think either humanity or antmanity is more significant or superior.

Wow, this post has followed a Mule-like path to incomprehensibility.


Anyway, I am keen on people, and so I don't hold christian's christianity agin 'em. As I hope they don't hold my "faithlessness" agin me.

But my lifelong atheism (well, I did momentarily try on Christianity to have more and better sex with my Christian mistress, but I digress. . .] has left me so freakin' ignorant of Christianity, and the world's other current religions, that I get confused at this time of year.  I truly don't know what the days are or mean to believers.

I was probably in my mid-20s before I slowed down enough to learn that Good Friday is the day that the bad guys killed Jesus.  I still don't know what Lent is or means, and I'm barely on board with Easter as the day that Jesus re-appeared among the living, but not so's you could touch him.

So when I say I don't understand Christianity, I don't just mean I don't embrace it, or don't sympathize, it means that

I don't understand it.

And I'll be dead soon, so I don't want to spend time catching up on what a lot of folks are devout about.  You know, Christianity, football, steak.

But ignorance ain't bliss.

And so, with all kidding, Muleness, and filler aside, I really do hope that Good Friday makes the life of my Christian friends more meaningful, and enhances the depth of their experience on the planet.  Heaven knows we need all the meaningful experiences we can get.

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