Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Are You Kidding Me?

Hey, I hate Democrats as much or more than the next guy.

But when the Huffington Post published an article on the GOP hopefuls accompanied by this:

I had to laugh out loud.

Right up until I started crying.

Three of these people are proud advocates for ignorance.

I don't mean they're ignorant -- they openly advocate stupidity.

What a goal: being dumb. How American. . . .



Juvenile Buffoon said...

Hey, that picture could've looked a lot worse yesterday, before the Imperial Grand Wizard dropped out.

Also, they somehow left out that Patriot/Aldulterer guy.

Mister Parker said...

You would think in a typical election cycle, Mitt Romney would be the nominee, but he seems to be too freighted with the baggage of his own past successes in Massachusetts to be palatable to the conservative base.

Media insider types were once high on Tim Pawlenty, but recent polls show him with about 1% which puts him behind both the Easter Bunny and the ghost of Abe Lincoln, so it doesn't look good for him either.

Mike Huckabee seems seriously divided about whether he wants to run. And most everybody else comes across as a fringe whacko who in other times wouldn't have polled 2% on election day.

I can't think of a Republican race since the end of World War II so wide open and devoid of heavyweight candidates. Just based on past Republican habits, I'm still predicting Romney gets the nomination, but I wouldn't bet more than a pack of gum on it.