Wednesday, March 9, 2011

RIP David Broder

I did not come and collect David Broder just because he was occasionally simplistic or too forgiving.

Although he was.

And I don't praise him here because he was insightful and did the incredibly hard legwork of talking to precinct captains and pollwatchers. Although he was and did.

And I certainly don't post this because he showed up on television a lot.

He treated that like a necessary evil, and he remained a reporter and writer while many did, and do, not.

I posted him because he was, by all accounts,a really decent man, and a baseball nut.

As this obituary from his newspaper, the Washington Post, noted:

As passionate about baseball as he was about politics, he likened Nixon's political career to an often-traded pitcher who had "bounced around his league."

81 years -- a pretty good run.

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Mister Parker said...

I was a big fan of David Broder -- as a columnist, he was a reporter first, he never had an axe to grind and he never shilled for either political party. He was not just part of a dying breed, he may well have been the last of his kind.