Monday, March 14, 2011

So I figured with my recent departure from the blogging scene, I should get back in.

And I’m not referring to a “departure” of a few days or weeks.  I mean the seven months I’ve spent posting photos and fucking around, offering blank thoughts.

A serious post is in order, I thought.

So I wrote something about the horrors in japan.  I also tried to extract a lesson from that largely unpreventable horror – hoping to revisit and reassess the disgusting costs to our honour, our moral authority, our freedom, and our ways of life from “the War of Terror [sic].”

It was an embarrassing failure.

I never had the focus and concentration, nor the insight, to really make serious, deep, thoughtful observations about life and society.

The best I can offer is to insert a fucked-up prism between you and the world, hoping that in one corner you might see something, and think of something, in a way that had heretofore eluded you.

So I’ll do that through my simple, simplistic prisms o’ March 14, 2011:

[1] Look around.  In a world where ten thousand people can disappear in a minute, or minutes, the USA is “led” by men and women who have spent years fighting about trivial things, and occasionally about grand ideas, while ignoring the obvious, slow-moving tsunamis of medical expenses, and the transfer of wealth from the young and the future to the old and the dwindling.

The “Greatest Generation” sure did raise some asshole motherfucker babybooners, lemmetellya!

[2] Aren’t natural tits vastly preferable to those enhanced beachballs that dominate the landscape?

Okay, that’s it for the serious stuff. . . .


Mythical Monkey said...

Welcome back. Sense and Seriousness are vastly overrated, and trying to craft perfect prose only results in a Monkey-like inability to finish what we start.

As an aside I will say this, that studies show we are hard-wired to expect the world to be fair, which is an interesting evolutionary adaptation given that the world is inherently arbitrary, capricious and brutally unfair.

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

The Fairness Want IS eerie. Where it comes from is of course a matter of some debate -- C.S. Lewis noted the same thing to great effect (but of course being C.S. Lewis didn't lay it solely at evolution's feet & i almost said feat and that would be correct too). But it's a universal want that can be found in all cultures and all continents and all historical epochs (it's been shown that children anywhere will -- without being taught -- know to appeal to notions of fairness when arguing for or against something.

So if notions of fairness are a serious part of what makes humans human, and it seems like they might be, then we probably should pay more attention to them as a society. Of course the flip side is that as Mister Muleboy suggests in Prism No. 1, fairness doesn't always mean "we get all the stuff we want so long as we yell and cry about it long enough." Well, actually it does mean that if you happen to be one of my kids, but that's my failing.

mister muleboy said...

Who's willingness to mention my "orism" embarrasses me -- I read this shit, and I can't make hide nor hair of it.

Of course, I've been told that it's so simple a five-year-old could understand it.

Jameson, get me a . . . .