Thursday, March 24, 2011

The More Things Change. . . , No. 4

1) Congressmen seek continued election. Perks. Power. Puss.

2) Avoid controversial votes unless predetermined they will result in reelection.

3) Avoid difficult area of voting certain death for some of their constituents. Therefore, avoid difficult moral, logistical, philosophical, and practical questons of war.

4) Avoid declaring war.

5) Cede authority to wage war to executive. Executive, understanding vacuums, seizes and exercises all available authority.

6) Congressmen, seeking continued election, posture and comment on popular and unpopular elements of executive war-waging.

7) National debate on potential war sidestepped. See 1-6 above.

8) National consensus on war nonexistent.

9) Soldiers killed. Critics more vocal.

10) Absence of national consensus leads to prevarication, deception, and half-assed warmaking.

11) War continues indefinitely.

12) People tire.

13) President leaves accompanied by public distaste.

14) Repeat as necessary.

Patent pending, post-1945
All rights reserved.


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Powers, keep on lying
While your people, keep on dying
World, keep on turning
Because it won't be too long

Mister Parker said...

Don't follow leaders
Just watch the parking meters

mister muleboy said...

They made you a moron

a potential H-Bomb

mister muleboy said...

We're so pretty, oh so pretty