Thursday, March 24, 2011

The More Things Change. . . , No. 2


So let's see.


Leads otherwise law-abiding folks into crime. Possession makes them a criminal.

Creates underworld of black-market suppliers. The enhanced profitability of production (production now has greater risk, therefore less competition somebody's gonna pay for it) attracts competition. All criminals -- by definition.

Competitors cannot seek protection from the law. Increased costs, violence, competition, costs, violence. Ad infinitum.

Diversion of vast resources to enforcement.

Corruption of law enforcement -- from resources, and from criminal competitors seeking advantage.

Loss of respect for law and authority.

Widespread flouting of law and authority.

Breeding loss of respect for law and authority.

Repeat as needed.

We don't learn a goddamned thing.

And as an alcoholic and therefore drug addict, I harbour no affection for any drugs.

But Jeezus Fucking Kee-Rist. . . .


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Aye, no one loved the first Prohibition more than Al Capone & Eliott Ness. And no one loves the present one more than the DEA and the drug lords, Inc. -- and in equal measure at that.

End the "drug war" and they're both out of business. Of course local cop administrations like it too, on account of the drug forfeiture laws brings them lots of cool swag, yachts & cars & such.

Democrats are precisely no better than Republicans on this one I'm afraid.

mister muleboy said...

Democrats are precisely no better than Republicans on this one I'm afraid.

My friend, I fear that you'll have a long, hard time finding a topic where you can satisfy me that there is a substantial difference 'twixt the two.

Or, perhaps more accurately, a substantial difference that influences or matters to me.

Oh sure, at any given time they'll face off, at least rhetorically, and one will occupy a different corner of the same room. But shift the "party in power," and the parties drift toward the center or corner of the room they didn't last occupy.