Thursday, February 24, 2011

Top 25 (Personal Faves Edition) Songs O' All Times, No. 6

Thanks to Who Am Us's kind reminder and request, I submit for your pleasure

Anarchy in the U.K.

by the Sex Pistols.

One o' the Top 25 Songs O' All Times
When I first heard the Sex Pistols (other than the blurb on Howard Cosell's "Saturday Night Live" variety programme) -- first really heard them -- I thought they were a joke, and I didn't like them.

And I was not listening to Billy Joel and Fleetwood Mac and just sitting around popping out, offended by the volume. I liked crunchy, aggressive music. But I just didn't get it! The guy's voice, his whole approach, the simplified guitar in seeming lockstep with the bass (and vice versa!) -- they didn't compute to mister hard rock who had only recently (thanks to tomanonymous) discovered independent singles. And most of those were nothing like the Sex Pistols: "Little White Lies" by Detroit's The Romantics. I hadn't discovered what would change my life forever.

Well, actually, I had -- the Beatles changed my life forever, and every friend I have in the world I have (in part) because of the Beatles. But I digress. . . .

As I heard more punk rock, the energy was captivating and addicting. So in short order I revsited the Sex Pistols. And heard the most amazing band I could imagine. On Bollocks, everything was louder than everything else. The drums were perfect for me: simple, yet perfectly accented. The bass playing was simple and root-y, and was only concerned with propelling the band through notes and power, not appealing to a listener's brain or ears, but to their guts.

It was sublime.

To this day, if I am upset, or am confused, this single can calm me down and make me love the world. Well, the Bollocks album in general. Go figure.

To quote from the Wikipedia entry on the Sex Pistols:

the Pistols' stance was aggrieved, euphoric and nihilistic, all at the same time.

I heard all of that, but mostly I heard euphoria. And I joined.

I had intended to feature another top 25 o' all times, a single by a band from Who's neck o' the woods. But I got carried away when i thought of the Pistols.

next up: The Beatles. An obscure pop band from the north o' England.

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Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Love this song, and man, I HAD this LP, bought used & in pristine condition in the very winter that it came out, which was what, '77 i think?, probably unloaded at the used record store by somebody who listened to some of it once ... but now where is it?? I don't know! I just went scrounging through my LPs and it is nowhere to be found! Grrrr ... you know I have some of the most irresponsible, light fingered, music loving, best friends in the world! God i love 'em! So anyway now I have to buy Anarchy from iTunes because I will in fact either unearth or buy every song on the Mule's Top 25 (Personal Faves Edition) Songs O' All Times for my iPod Playlist of Mule Faves.

Wow. Now that i think of it, this means there is a very possible financial consequence to every Top 25 pick you make, Mr. Muleboy! I hope you can stand the pressure! :-)