Monday, February 14, 2011

Better Late Than Never -- A Big Thum Up

So I'm a big, fat, graceless, dying, middle-aged [and the tail end o' that] man.

Until Saturday night, I'd never seen Top Hat.

I have no love for the musical.  While I don't need every film to play like a documentary, I usually seek a certain verisimilitude in my motion pictures.  And the sight of men and women bursting into song is inconsistent with that.

When Bellotoot bursts into an a capalla vversion of a commercial, I cringe.

Not because it's Bellotoot, but because it's bursting and it's unaccompanied.

So I went into feeling bold for stepping outside my usual tastes, but not expecting much.

I thought it was Freaking Great.

And you can quote me.

The comedy was top notch, the timing was impeccable ["that's um -puh-kahb-uh-luh"].
well, these two rocked. . . .

Ginger Rogers was hot as balls.

And Fred Astaire was just fucking great.

My exposure to him has almost always been dance clips [whole dance performances fro films] and his turn as Alexander Mundy's father in "It Takes  A Thief."

You know, I'm an Astaire expert.

Anyway -- that cat was about as natural [at least in this movie] at actually breaking into song as a logical extension of his conversation/character/motivation, etc.   as I've ever seen.

He's so utterly enjoying life that he really does start dancing or singing whever he wants.

Fucking amazing.

oh, yeah.  That was Saturday.

Sunday I was roped into seeing The Eagle by my lady friend's daughter.  She dangled a friendly review from Ebert.

I liked this movie too.  An old-fashioned romans take on warriors of Scotland flick.

Damned fine.  No CGI.  Very few special effects [other than 30 fps action shots rather than 24 fps].  Just some decent acting, and some not painful exchanges with "the natives."


Mythical Monkey said...

Eventually I'll write about Top Hat, my pick as the best movie of 1935, but on the off-chance I have a stroke and die before next year, I'll just say that watching Astaire and Rogers dance in this movie always makes me think that maybe there's a heaven afterall.

Mythical Monkey said...

By the way, speaking of The Eagle, Katie-Bar-The-Door and I have been to Hadrian's Wall, which the Romans built on the border of England and Scotland.

Terrific civil engineers, those Romans.