Monday, January 31, 2011

When the Fuck Did They Stop Teaching

I know that I am a word geek

I also know that I play up being a word geek for the self-derision; being an exacting dolt is unattractive

but when exactly did phenomenon become a plural word?

before we have any battles about Latin plurals, and the mistakes of hyper-correction (e.g. "octopi" as a false plural for a greek word; yeah, it's octopuses), I'm not doing any correcting on that. Nor am I using this as a spot to press for latinate plurals -- Garner's Modern American Usage quite plainly supports and encourages the use of our standard addition of an "s" or "es" to form a plural.

But you sure as fuck can't take the singular and insist that it's a plural. As I often see.

I'm trying to observe natural phenomenon is just not gonna cut it.

Those memorandum need to be copied.
is fucked up.

I read this all the time, and I'm angry

Don't get me started on oftentimes -- I swear that on television and radio, the atrocity oftentimes outnumbers "often" four or five to one. . . .

Um, why does this matter, you ask?

I'll get back to you on that.

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