Monday, January 17, 2011

Too Much Jazz ? Redux

So I wonder if successive weekends of jazz, with a Marsalis viewing later in the month, is

Too Much Jazz

Ten days ago, it was the legendary Bohemian Caverns, where the ambient temperature was about 39 degrees F, and the musical temperature was about 33.

Actually, I do a disservice to cold everywhere -- the music was tepid.
and no photos resulted.

Three days ago, the music was smoking. Just awesome. But I left the camera behind -- intentionally. I've lost my vision, but still take too many fotos.

But with music this good, I had to fire up the camera.

Okay -- I answered my own question. Not too much jazz, just a bit too much bad jazz. . . .

All In

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Inside Out plus guests

ready to load out

all photos grabshots with iPhone

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