Tuesday, January 18, 2011

oh, yeah.Some Thums Up

In addition to jazz, I watch still images projected against a whitish screen.  But I watched them go by very fast and convinced myself I was watching the subjects of the images "move."  These "moving pictures" were spliced together to create a seeming narrative story.

The splicers also played songs and talking along with the pictures.

It was an altogether okie dokie experience.

Can't recommend The Black Swan.  I thought the performances were outFUCKINGstanding.  And I didn't even mind the subject matter of artiste giving all -- and too much -- for her art.  It outwresteled The Wrestler.

But the screenwriter and Aronofsky took me right out of the movie almost instantly.  I found it unsupportable to suggest that such a weak woman as Nina, the lead character, could rise to the level of featured performer in a major New York ballet company.  I couldn't suspend disbelief -- no one that weak could or would navigate successfully the treacherous and confidence-challenging waters of big-time theater.

So I sat through it unable to enjoy it.

Also, the director of the ballet screamed Showgirls to me. . . .

The Wrestler is great, though, and also has some top-notch acting.

But no lesbian cunnilingus scenes, nor female masturbation scenes, so there was a downside when compared to TBS

I digress.

The best movies of the weekend were watched on a lo-def bubble set: Breaking Away and Invictus.

Go watch those  --  I think that Peter Yates and Clint Eastwood might be almost as good as this Aronofsky kid. . . .

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