Monday, January 10, 2011

Lennon Masters

At the suggestions of the Jestaplero and Panna Mukta Tapti, I finally listened to the LENNONYC podcasts offered by PBS.

They're lengthy interviews (barely marred by the squiggy questioner, who remains off-mic and therefore not too intrusive) of Lennon intimates. Their purpose -- to supplement the short interview segments used to show Lennon as New Yorker.

The TV series wanted to place Lennon squarely in the context of the last quarter of his life: New Yorker.

What the podcasts dod is place Lennon squarely in the 100% of his life. Real Person.

The Bob Gruen and Jim Keltner segments may help understand Lennon as photo subject, or as musician/arranger/producer. A bit.

What they fully do is show lennon as a real guy; not an icon, not as cultural observer, but as a guy who would occasionally have potato chips in his pant cuff, and burn marks from mishandled ciagarettes marring his jacket.

A guy who could not only fall down as someone on The Lost Weekend, but as somebody who could fall down because he didn't see the buckle in the sidewalk.
a fine lout

Man, I loved listening to Gruen talk for an hour, sometimes critically -- very critically -- but always with love and friendship.

Damned fine.

Thanks to my mates, who sent me there to hear about record-making, but gave me so much more.


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Thanks I didn't know about these!

Jestaplero said...

You're quite welcome! I'm glad you made it over there.

I completely agree with your assessment.

Except, as you know, I am less charitable toward the interviewer. The more interviews he has under his belt, the more he leads the witnesses, the more he directs subsequent interview subjects to re-tell certain pet stories he (and we) have already heard. Also, I thought he was a pretentious, pontificating jackass.

But that Lennon guy - finest kind.

mister muleboy said...

I'm glad you made it over there. I made it over there the day you told me, and downloaded the mp3s.

I just never got a chance [took the time] [remembered] to listen to them until this weekend.

I couldn't hear the interviewer at all, and Gruen/Keltner seemed wholly disinclined to be led, or even at times to be listening.

Gruen had been shooting Alice Cooper on their Billion Dollar Babies tour and for the Muscle of Love album, so he came by his Lennon connection with some real rock and roll under his belt!, so he came to the Lennon with some real rock and roll under his belt.

with some real rock and roll under his belt