Friday, January 21, 2011


This is my favourite Cheap TRick song ever, and ranks [probably] in my Top 25 (Personal Faves Edition) Songs O' All Times.

Lots of reasons: it's pretty, it rocks, it's almost always well-performed, it's dark, it's deep.

But my real reason: it happens at :39 of this video.

It happened damned near every time I've heard it.

The Thuder of the Heavens. Something like that.

turn it up

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Who Am Us Anyway? said...

I turned it up!

But I still can't hear anything!

No, wait; adjust the hearing aid -- ah! Yes, I love the performance!

:39 truly is one of those Magic Rock Song Moments, like say when Ringo kicks in with tambourine & then drums after the intro of each Day Tripper riff or something; it's here & then it's gone but it echoes in the memory, sonny!

"The Mister Muleboy List of Top 25 (Personal Faves Edition) Songs O' All Times"

-- is a list I would pay to see; I truly hope this is just the first entry