Sunday, November 28, 2010

I am miserable -- I lost my data, baby

I hate Apple.

I hate Macs.

I hate iPhones.

I may drag out my 128k Mac [1984] because my super-hot-shit mac suffered an interruption during a major update to myiPhone.
The 128k Mac that started all of my shit rolling

I lost all the song lyric snippets I've saved since March 2009

I lost

The stray phone numbers for members of tomanonymous's family.

They Mythical Monkey's varied phone numbers.

Lupners, numbers, address.

barangus®'s phone numbers and many, many email addresses.

Phone numbers for every goddamned spouse of every goddamned reader [yeah -- I nailed your wife when you were busy reading blogs, buster!] [i kid]

I am so pissed.

User error was a minor part -- I had a total backup, but it had nearly fully loaded when power failed.

Upon the house powering up a few minutes later, the comuter synced to my iPhone -- importing all of my empty spaces as the default backup.

I even have a second backup on an old laptop -- except the processor is of an old variety that won't speak to my now-modern phone.  Meaning my notes and contacts are locked in my laptop.

And they're PISSED!


[hey, baranagus -- you have registered the mark, haven't you. . . .?]


If you knew me when I was [semi] human and not a virtual identity, please email me at that old human email account.

If you know me as a voice on the internet, send me all of your contact info at

If you know my snippets and song lyrics, give me the credit but turn them into f=gazzili=lion-selling records.

I'll be good to you -- I promise!


¡barangus!™ said...

No TimeMachine, bubby?

mister muleboy said...

the upgrade from iOS 3 to iOS4 is rendering TM unable to do it -- apparently iOS4 makes its own backup right before upgrade, and iOS 4 will only look for it. . .

And it didn't get backed to TM during the upgrade / outage


somewhere I've got the data [or most of it] on TM, but no way to load it into my iPhone. And the "Notes" aren't accessible except through the stupid App [I suspect that's not true, but it seems true for yer boy. . . .]

Juvenile Buffoon said...

My iPhone just recently jettisoned all my contact info.

I wasn't even doing a backup or sync or nuthin' fancy like that.

I was just texting with my idiot friends during a sporting event, and then - blammo - everybody was just numbers, no names.


Lupner said...


You have my sympathy, Mister Mule. This makes me feel a lil' less strange about being one of the seemingly few beings who do NOT possess an iphone ... though I've been considering a droid for the new year ...