Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hey -- go see 15-yr-olds make Great Rock and Roll

Half brother is playing the 9:30 on Sunday, December 12.

The 9:30 got smart and decided to exploit up-and-coming bands.  The show is billed as The Next Big Thing.  The order of the bill is to be determined by ticket presales.
Half Brother

My girly and I are in for two, and if you get in touch with me and commit, I'll grab you some admission documents.

It's too goddamned cool that these guys are not only going to play, but deserve to play, and are good enough to play the 9:30.

Come on out, friends.  It's worth it.

The shitty Liz Phair show the next Friday will show why these guys rock.

I mean -- "they'll compare favourably to Liz Phair."

A liz phair show that I'm enthusiastic about, btw. . .

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