Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thums Down for The Hangover

First things first -- I am not a fruitcake.

I love gross, stupid, man-driven idiot movies.

And not just old ones. Sure, National Lampoon's Animal House, Caddyshack, and Stripes rocked my world, but I'm also a fan of

Old School,

Road Trip,


And trust me, not all of those are good movies.

But I find The Hangover to be mean-spirited and unfunny. It starts with Brad Cooper -- if you've got an Otter character who's despicable, and shows nothing redeeming, you just have an asshole to hate.

It's that kinda movie for me.

Even that dude from the office is just mean and dour, without being funny. And notwithstanding a tiger and a chicken and a baby, not a lot of laughs for me.

Heather Graham would be yummy for sex, but not for movie-going pleasure.

Zach Galafianakis is, of course, sublime -- as many of you know, I have been a fan of his since before 2000. I have attended his stand-up shows multiple times -- once with the noble Panna Mukta Tapti. He truly is a Comedian of Comedy.
I find it difficult not to explode with laughter just thinking of the guy.

And even he can't save it. Notwithstanding This isn't the real Caesar's Palace, is it?

I remain Out of Step -- With the World.

PS Timely review, eh?

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Mister Parker said...

I still haven't seen it. My favorite soccer mom was raving about it when we were on the road a couple of weekends ago, and I thought, well, maybe I should get around to seeing it, but if you don't like it -- and we're the guys who saw Old School and that comedy about a car dealership that wasn't Used Cars -- then I'm thinking, in the immortal words of Keith Jackson, "Whoa, Nellie!"

Actually, I shouldn't call my favorite soccer mom "my favorite soccer mom" on the off-chance that some of the other soccer moms I know read this and say, "Wait, you mean I'm not your favorite soccer mom?"

Instead, I'll call her "my favorite elected member of a school board." And I know two. And this one is my favorite, hands down.

There, I said it. What are you going to do about it?