Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Mannix Files, No. 4

last night's Mannix was entitled Nothing Ever Works Twice.

Mannix's ex-girlfriend shows up, years after leaving him to marry a rich fucker.

She wants him to get the dirt on her husband, who is planning on divorcing her and leaving her nothing. Her hated, hated husband.

Who shows up dead, next to Mannix as Joe comes to, with a gun in his hand that almost certainly killed the bad husband.

It's great after that. I really like Joseph Campanella as his boss, head of Intertect -- and their exchanges in this episode are great (since Joe Mannix is on the lam, and has to arrange some.. .strange meeting places).

I won't give away the plot. I'll just mention that the ex-girlfriend is singularly unattractive, and I can't fathom why she was cast in that role.

btw -- I actually care about "who dun it" in these episodes. While Mannix has some attitutde, the show isn't valued/based solely on the degree of attitude he's bringing -- they're actually whodunits more like Columbo. Bravo!

I dig me some Mannix.

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Bellotoot said...

Whaddayou-like-oo? Joseph Campanella or Frank Campanella? Frank's performance in the Route 66 episode And the Cat Jumped Over the Moon oozed reality. You gotta know the acting Campanella Brothers, boy, enjoy 'em!