Monday, September 20, 2010

a stropping good time

the DE89 by Edwin Jagger

sorry to hear that mister w is having a hard time o' it.

I, too, had a hard time this weekend. I had some mother issues m'self, but mainly I had razor issues.

The glorious 34C
It seems that my Merkur 34C won't be delivered until the day that I'm flying to London Honolulu Anchorage LA.

That just won't do. Thanks to the Mythical Monkey, I'm jonesing for a double-edged safety razor

it seems a much cheaper obsession than photography [60+ cameras, 2 enlargers, fifteen bags, countless supplies, and -- of course -- still counting], wine [a case o' Chateau Lafite Rothschild (admittedly the worst vintage in modern history) had to be mine, and it helped usher me smoothly down the alcoholic trail -- you can imagine what money went there]; Harley Davidsons [have you seen their price list? Enough said. . . .], or broads.

But I can't wait a whole week for my Merkur, so I had a two-day shipment of an Edwin Jagger 89DE (the chrome; I'd almost opted for faux ivory, but. . . .)

*MY* DE89L

I'm sorry.

You say you're not interested?

Have you looked into traditional shaving. . . .?  It's an obsessive's dream


¡barangus!™ said...

A $35 razor employing technology from 1888?

do you have to be obsessive about everything?

Little Johnny Jewel said...

Merkur: love it or leave it, boy.

mister muleboy said...

A $35 razor employing technology from 1888?

demonstrably cheaper and better than modern razor systems.

remember: lambskin condoms date back to somewheres around

of, 2400 BC

and they're pricier -- and demonstrably better -- than the "modern" bullshit latex.

Unless you're want to avoid VD or promote facial irritation -- then you wanna go with the modern bullshit. . . . [in condoms and razors, respectively]

I'm surprised you don't use a DE yerself

¡barangus!™ said...

My facial weapon of choice:

mister muleboy said...

My facial weapon of choice:

You shave with a vibrator??!?

Mythical Monkey said...

It costs more to shave with the double-edged safety razor and the entire ritual takes me 15 minutes or so, but the reduction in ingrown hairs and skin irritation (so bad I made multiple visits to my doctor) has been oh so worth it. Lordy, for the first time in four years, I don't spend literally every waking moment with the feeling I have fiberglass embedded in my face ...

mister muleboy said...

And one that costs more than a DE?

¡barangus!™ said...

You shave with a vibrator??!?

Who said anything about shaving?

I'm keepin' the Don Johnson look alive with the help of a Doc Johnson product.