Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Hate Twitter

No reason to beat around the bush in drafting a title.

I'm revealing geezerhood, I guess.  Or maybe just good taste and sense.

But --- as currently practiced -- I can't understand the utility or attraction of Twitter.

And this comes from somebody who treats his blog as barely more than a 140-word ejaculation of stupidity.

I hear that someone tweeted something, and ask why?

Others hear a Tweet, and ask why not?


¡barangus!™ said...

I'd have agreed with you 100% UNTIL I started following stand-up comics twitter feeds. Fucking hilarious. Like getting your own stand-up routine daily. Try:

@eddiepepitone - AWESOME
@pattonoswalt - almost as awesome
@birbigs Mike Birbiglia
@DanaJGould Dana Gould

Pepitone's feed is incredible.

Bellotoot said...

Does Dayton Allen have a Twitter feed?

mister muleboy said...

1) While I respect ¡barangus!™ a great deal, I must of needs disagree -- I don't really get enough of a chuckle from most of those comedians' tweets

maybe it's the context [twitter]; and

2) I'm shocked that grampa Bellotoot would know the phrase "Twitter Feed". . . .

I just wanted to type grampa