Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ah Shit Harold Gould's Dead

Rather than wait for the Grim Reaper to announce his "taking" and all that jazz, I thought I'd step forward to say that I was sad to learn of the death of character actor Harold Gould.  Sad, but pleased to have known him.

Gould's work in The Sting always moved me -- the energy with which Kid Twist [Gould] informed Doyle Lonnegan [Robert Shaw] that Lonnegan had somehow misunderstood the inside word on the winning horse always rocked my world.

Of course, that work couldn't touch his pitch-perfect characterization of General von Schlomm  on Hogan's Heroes. . . .

Aw, hell; I've gotta sift through IMDB's list of his television guest shots -- the series on which he appeared -- to give all the folks of a certain age [100% of the readers here] a throbbing boner:

# "The New Dick Van Dyke Show"
# "Mary Tyler Moore"
# "The Partridge Family" ....
# "Mannix"
# "Love, American Style" .... Howard Cunningham (segment "Love and Happy Days") (1 episode, 1972)
- Love and the Happy Days/Love and the Newscasters (1972) TV episode .... Howard Cunningham (segment "Love and Happy Days")
# "The F.B.I."
# "Columbo"
# "The High Chaparral"
# "Hogan's Heroes"
# "The Mod Squad"
# "Lancer"
# "Here Come the Brides"
# "I Dream of Jeannie"
# "Mission: Impossible"
# "The Debbie Reynolds Show"
# "The Big Valley"
# "The Wild Wild West"
# "Judd for the Defense"
# "The Flying Nun"
# "He & She"
# "Daniel Boone"
# "Daktari"
# "Garrison's Gorillas"
# "The Invaders"
# "The Red Skelton Hour"
# "Run for Your Life"
# "The Fugitive"
# "The Green Hornet"
# "Get Smart"
# "That Girl"
# "Convoy" .
# "The Farmer's Daughter"
# "The Virginian"
# "12 O'Clock High"
# "Hazel"
# "The Jack Benny Program"
# "Dr. Kildare"
# "Mister Ed"
# "Perry Mason"
# "The Man from U.N.C.L.E."
# "Twilight Zone"
# "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour"
# "Route 66"
# "The Lieutenant"
# "Dennis the Menace"
# "The Untouchables"
# "The Donna Reed Show"
# "National Velvet"

I've highlighted the ones that mean the most to me. . .

That's right -- the original Howard Cunningham, father to Richie Cunningham.

He also played Marlo Thomas's dad on That Girl -- in the pilot.

Why couldn't ABC keep this guy around as a father?

He was married for sixty years.

He had a PhD in theater.  He taught acting to college students in Virginia.  One bio suggests he taught "women to act at Randolph-Macon College in Lynchburg, VA."

Well, the women's college in Lynchburg is Randolph College.

And Randolph-Macon College was in Ashland, outside Richmond  So somebody fucked up something.

Hey -- why the goddamned geography lesson, eh?

He was a couple'a months younger than my mom.

I'm going to die soon. . . .


Anonymous said...

I was saddened, too, and it was his performance in The Sting that first came to mind when I heard of his death.

Mythical Monkey said...

The Sting is what I'll primarily remember him for, but he also had a nice turn as "Anton Inbedkov" in Woody Allen's Love and Death -- fights one of the more absurd duels in movie history.

"Shall we say pistols at dawn?"

"Well, we can say it. I don't know what it means, but we can say it."