Monday, August 16, 2010

Some Happy Birthdays

The Mythical Monkey informs me that today is Julie Newmar's birthday.
What an alluring woman

I'm pleased to hear that.
What a lovely young woman

On the day that Julie Newmar was born, my father was celebrating his tenth birthday.

What an amazing . . .   I digress.

I have omitted a photograph of my father for aesthetic reasons.

He would concur in the decision and the result. . . .

I have also omitted a photograph of Charles Bukowski, born three years before my father on this day. His visage would. . . gum up the works.

Enjoy Ms. Newmar


Mythical Monkey said...

As a five year old, it was completely lost on me, but judging by the last photo and by such dialogue as "You can brush my pussywillows before you go -- and don't go against the fur!" it occurs to me now that Julie Newmar and the producers of the Batman television show were not entirely unaware of the nature of her appeal ...

mister muleboy said...


Nah; seems unlikely to me.

I mean, ya think?

I hear that Adam West had a

fun time during that show's run