Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Soily in 1972

Until 12:54 today, I had never heard this version of Soily.

I don't much care for it.

except for the fact of its existence (something different is almost always something cool) (except for herpes -- that shit'll stay with 'ya) (from The Hangover)
(which I didn't much like) (but I digress. . .).


Juvenile Buffoon said...

Nah, Wings weren't totally killing "Soily" until the 1976 "Wings Over America" unit came on board.

mister muleboy said...

until the 1976 "Wings Over America" unit came on board.


Weird to me that Macca, MaccaL, and Laine could all be around for both, but that addition of JimmyMac and English could make the damned thing so heavy. "cause even though JimmyMac had metal chops, he wasn't -- to my mind -- a heavy dude. And English, to me, was the opposite: he brought a non-heavy, detailed, interesting approach. And McCartney never seemed to enter the 1976 SOily world -- but damned if they all didn't.

As you may recall, I am. . . fond of that 1976 recording, enjoyed the song in concert, and love my One Hand Clapping boots thereof. . . .

Juvenile Buffoon said...

Weird...that addition of JimmyMac and English could make the damned thing so heavy.

I think part of it is that, as you say, JM embraced his heavy metal inclinations, and English really was an animal - he brought a deft touch to hard-rock arena playing, similar to Albert Bouchard, in my mind.

But I think the big difference was one of confidence and comfort as an arena-rock band. That was the first Macca band that toured the world regularly playing large venues.

Watching your ONE HAND CLAPPING dvd really made that point to me. Same band (albeit with a different drummer) but before they started rehearsing for the '76 world tour, and they just weren't as...heavy as they became later.

That said, having seen Macca twice in the past year, he is once again embracing his '76 arena-rock Wings self. His band his heavy, his guitarist shreds, his drummer is a brute, but with finesse.

He is back to opening with Venus and Mars/Rock Show/Jet, Letting Go has been revived, he's blowing the place up on Live and Let Die (we were in the 4th row and my eyebrows got singed), Let Me Roll It kicks ass, and he is even letting loose with the vocals on My Love the way he did on ONE HAND CLAPPING.

I was hoping for Soily on this tour, but I'm optimistic if he (and I) can stick around a while longer.

currymusodave said...

Agreed, in fact the Wings material that Paul aired in his 2010 concerts really made the show for me!