Friday, August 6, 2010

Rhetorical Question, No. x x x

The Bass on Which Stud Pony Was Built!™

So the last band that I was in--that gigged regularly--broke up in June 1992.  So the last time that I spent more than three consecutive days in a recording studio was 2002.  Five days or more?  1986.  So the last time that I fully set up my recording studio was. . . never.
So why do I keep buying gear?

More specifically, so why do I keep buying basses?
(I don't really own this; it's included for visual effect. . .)
So it's not like I'm not broke, because I am so, like, broke, you know?  And so it's not like I don't have offspring who could use the moolah, even if I didn't wanna.  And I so wanna, since I'm settling in to new digs and need to contribute.

'51 baby, '51
So why do I keep buying basses?

I mean, it's not like I can carry them on the motorcycles I keep buying. . . .


Mythical Monkey said...

so why do I keep buying basses?

For the same reason I keep buying movies -- because we can.

I collect, therefore I am.

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Plus, they are a smarter investment than many a Wall Street thingamajig. Good Mule bases will not lose their value -- there, I have said it and so it must be so.