Friday, August 6, 2010

Our Heroes Come In Strange Forms

This is one of my heroes.

Or at least a fellow I admire:

I found it fascinating, and hilarious, when he reponds to Coopers comment that his anti-smoking message is "subtle" by saying most are strident, and therefore easily ignored.

If I've had one criticism of Hitch [do you know me, Hitch?] as an evangelist for atheism, it's his strident tone.

But heroes are human too. . . .

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thingy said...

I have not not kept up with Hitchens lately. I always admired him and am saddened to hear such news. I have seen a few comments that rejoice in his pain and possible early death.

It's heartbreaking to read. People miss so much when they close their hearts and minds and I do believe many are making bets he'll somehow fold and embrace god in his last moments.

They will be disappointed.