Thursday, July 15, 2010


Listening to President Obama's remarks this afternoon, I was struck by
the realization that I've rarely

heard such bullshit, even from Bush

Don't worry - the topic is irrelevant.
That describes every speech the guy gives.

Dint get me wrong - it's refreshing to hear a smart guy who doesn't
hide being smart.

But he's just like They were.

If you hear something different, I suggest it's because his policies
are yours. And that's good, and as it should be. That you would
prefer him.

But don't kid yourself that he doesn't also drawl for acceptance, prey
on fear, obfuscate to advantage, and generally

shovel mounds of bullshit


Mister Parker said...

I say this with much love and a high level of amusement, but it always seems to come as such a shock to you that politicians are full of shit. Of course they are. That's their job. Getting upset that politicians don't speak the truth is like going to Chick-Fil-A and complaining you can't get a hamburger.

But seriously, you are my hero and a great pal. Never change.

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Mr. Mule doesn't want ANYONE to mother hubbard soft soap him with just a pocketful of hope -- ahh, I wish Mr. Mule were running for office; I would love to vote for him and that's the truth.

Mister Parker said...

I'd vote for him.

Alex said...

I am shocked -- shocked! -- to find out there's gambling going on here!

As a cartoonist whom I can't recall pointed out, Casablanca is Spanish for.... White House.