Monday, July 19, 2010

The Poltiics Game, No. 2; Behind the Curtain, No. 2

After suffering criticism, scorn, and derision (and scorn), I feel I should reveal something going on behind the curtain:

I’m not really shocked when a politician turns out to be full of shit.

I know – this comes as a big surprise to many of you.

And yes, I’ll admit that I sometimes get in high dudgeon over a particularly contemptible appeal to baser instincts, or bold, ugly lie (George W. Bush and William J. Clinton both hit that, about twice each) (and I did not have sex with that woman wasn’t one of them).

But by and large, I ruefully smile and say “there he [she] goes again. . . .”

But I really do get shocked (“shocked”) that many, many people don’t think that all politicians are full of shit. These people just think that the other guy is full of shit, and their guy [gal] is playing it straight, and may occasionally be forced to “bow to politics” but surely regrets it.

So I use words like wow to lure them in. To hopefully get a thought or comment that intrigues me, revealing more of their beliefs and thought processes – you know, other things I can’t understand.

Plus it’s a weaselly way to avoid confronting readers I haven’t met with the truth that I think all politicians are lying to us and gleefully manipulating the peoples as much as possibles. Or to admit that, despite voting for one every election, I think all of these guys and gals are out to harm us (for our own good), and are borderline evil.


I find it hard to believe that I would use weaselly words to avoid losing readership. . . . .