Tuesday, July 13, 2010

George Steinbrenner, RIP after yer 80 earthly years

I have claimed George Steinbrenner.

The man was a great big horse's patoot, and an asshole that I would probably not have tolerated for ten seconds [had he showed up at death's door].

[cute, eh?]

He was crazed in his desire to win, and crazed in his desire to do it his way.


unlike Peter Angelos and Dan Snyder, and their ilk, his craze and frenzy really were for winning.

When he realized that doing it his way interfered with winning, he tried with some success not to do it his way.

And winning was the result.

A lot of dickheads equate doing it their way with winning, when they're independent goals.

And a lot of dickheads learn nothing.

So I take him with this epitaph:

George Steinbrenner: a dick who learned.

And entertained. . . .

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