Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another "Wow" Moment

I thought I'd return to last week's subect -- hearing a speech by a politician and saying "wow.  That cat is incredibly full o' shit."

Today's wasn't a speech by a politican.  It was an ad by a group urging that we not touch Social Security.

The theme (and imprecise, but largely faithful, text) of the ad:

The Social Security Commission is recommending changes to Social Security to address the current problems in the economy --when Social Security never caused those problems.

The commission wants to reduce your benefits -- and raise the age for eligibility.  Social Security isn't responsible for problems in our economy.  And it shouldn't be damaged to right our problems.

Keep Social Security out of the hands of the people who really caused this problem.  Don't let them take away your benefits. Don't change Social Security.

I heard the ad and said "Wow. What unbelievable bullshit."

Let's leave aside for the moment the merits of changes to Social Security benefits. It's an important issue, and one about which I have some strong (although not deeply insightful) opinions.

But the ad is so full of shit, and so knowingly full of shit, that it makes my head hurt.

*The Commission is addressing changes to Social Security because every model in the world shows that it is currently unsustainable without some change. It's not to right the current economic woes -- it's to address the future woes.

*Except that our current economic woes are exacerbated by the uncertainty caused by our impending Social Security meltdown (if left unaddressed) -- there's a lot of untapped capital that folks and businesses are sitting on, fearful of what lies ahead, so

yeah, the shit we're experiencing now is in part "caused" by the Social Security woes.

* oh, yeah -- the commission seems hell-bent on making all changes to benefits and eligibility "prospective," so the changes under discussion won't be fucking with anyone's current benefits. So that part of the ad is full of shit.

I don't mind advocacy ads that are wrongheaded, or wrong. Or even woolly.
But I kinda hate the bald-faced lying bullshit ads, ya know?

ps hey, mythmon, sorry to put c. keller in my post. . . .


Mister Parker said...

Yeah, but isn't the point of such ads to convince addled-headed seniors such as your mother and mine -- well, okay yours -- to part with what little money they have left and mail it to some cynical s.o.b. who has a fundraising quota to fill? I'd say it's likely to work quite nicely.

And it's not like we don't get anything out of it -- we get a drawer full of knickknacks and faux medals and certificates of appreciation from Senator So-and-so to sort through after they're dead.

You're out of order! You're out of order! The whole trial is out of order!!!

Oh, wait, sorry. Wrong movie.

I'm not bitter. I'm not bitter. Move along, nothing to see here ...

Bellotoot said...

Not more Social Security - more Social Security flavor!