Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tonight's the Night for Strasburg

So tonight, Stephen Strasburg starts his inevitable march to Canton.

Wait. . . .

You know, the gahdammned local sports radio station is wishing people a Merry Strasmas.

Okay, he's on his way to Cooperstown. Without throwing a pitch in the big leagues.

Man, do I feel sorry for the guy.

I think he'll do damned well, and I'm hoping to see him pitch a lotta games. I had two suite tickets pressed on me yesterday, but I declined. Once I committed to skipping the event, dammit I committed!

Good luck, bub.

The thing that has made me happiest lately is this from his college coach, Tony Gwynn (as reported by Kilgore in Nationals Journal):

The thing his eye-popping stuff conceals, Gwynn said, is his artistry as a pitcher. Strasburg can throw 100, but he understands his craft like a junkballer. "He loves the art of pitching," Gwynn said.
Should serve the kid well.

Gahdspeed. . . .

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