Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Starlets I'd Like to Ball, No. 34

Kristen Stewart

First things first: I'm forty-eight years ol. . .
thirty nine
I'm fifty

really old.

And Kristen Stewart is really young.

I get that it's sick and twsited and . . . icky.

But I'm not really concerned that I'll ball her. You know, that would be a little icky. A lot icky for her.

But desire goes where desire will go, and I find her


"Hot as balls," as the kids might say.

I also know that her characterization of Bella in the Twilight movies is laughable, and that she appears to be, by turns, a mindless, sullen bitch, or an angry and bored sullen bitch. I've seen those movies too.

But her performance in Adventureland, while seemingly portraying a bored, sullen bitch [convincingly], impressed me in conveying pain and defensiveness and loss, and resigned independence.

I liked it a lot.

But mostly I just wanted to have sex with her.

In real life, I don't really walk around wanting to have sex with movie-star types. There are way too many women on the street that occupy that part of my brain response system.

But in repose, sharing my innnermost Mulethoughts with the world, I kinda dig her.

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