Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So It Goes is Not What It Seems

My especial thanks to Alex over at Clicks and Pops for posting this YouTube video of Nick Lowe and So It Goes. It's one of my all-timeiest-favouritest records ever ever ever.

And Alex's video is a different recording!

As m'pals know, I do so love an alternate take.

enjoy this thing


Mythical Monkey said...

Now up jumped the U.S. representative
He's the one with the tired eyes
747 for the midnight condition
Flyin' back from a peace keepin' mission

A classic.

Marty DiBergi said...


He;'s the one with the tired eyes is freakin' genius

Lupner said...

LOVE THIS! Spent the entire month of March listening to fave Nick Lowe & Dave Edmunds/Rockpile songs during my long commutes . . . good good stuff!!

The question mark suit -- a classic.

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

More evidence that we must never take our eyes off Clicks and Pops ... what a great blog