Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Amps and Cabinets

Marshall JCM800 50W MV heads(2)
Marshall MkII 50W non-MV head
Hiwatt 50W MV head
Sound City 50 Plus head w/ MV and 1/2 power
Sound City 50 Plus head
Sound City Concord 50w combo
Hiwatt Lead 30 Combo

Marshall Studio 15 combos (3)

Fender Deluxe 15w Combo
Fender Pro Jr. 15w Combo
Takt 5w combo
Danelectro Nify Fifty combo (solid state)
Ampeg 4x12 cab (8 ohms)
Fender 2x12 cab (4 or 16 ohms mono, 8 ohms stereo
Marshall 2x12 cab (8 ohms mono, 16 ohms stereo)
Vox 2x10 cab (16 ohms)

Fender Bassman head
Gallien-Krueger RB400
Ampeg v-4 4x12 cab
Ampeg SVT 8x10 cab
Ampeg 1x15
Jennings 2x12 cab
Vox AC30

Fender Champ
Some kind of Seventies practice amp

Fender Concert (aka Concert II)
Fender Blues Jr.

Marshall Stud 15
Marshall JCM800 50 watt top
Marshall JCM800 1960A slant cab
Marshall Mark II master volume top (aka JMP)
Peavey Standard 2-channel head

Ampeg Solid-State Bass Amp/ 4x10 combo
Acoustic 370 bass head
Kustom 2x15 "Coffin Cab" [rolled vinyl] w/ '60s vintage JBL 15s
Marshall Solid-State 200 watt bass head
Galien-Krueger 4x10 bass cab
Mesa Boogie Buster Bass 200 2x12 all-tube combo
Rogue Bass practice amp
Squier 5-watt practice amp
Vox V112TV
Marshall Studio 15
Crate V-18 all-tube combo
Sound City 50R head
Alesis RA-100 monitor amp
2 x Mackie HR824 monitors
Crown CE1000 power amp

One gig a year. Maybe two.

I think this is a balanced approach. . . .


Little Johnny Jewel said...

If I could get a Fender Super Reverb we would definitely gig more.

That's what's holding us back.

David Cone said...

What, no Peavy Classic 30 with channel-switching?

So far you've shown me nothing!

David Cone said...

What? No Peavey Classic 30 with Chchchchhhannel-switchchchchhhhcchhhing?????

So far, you've shown me nothing!

Uncle Tom said...

Sound City amps and Hiwatts?! Who knew sonic nirvana was only three hours away by car?

The Monkey tells me nothing...NOTHING

Clarence Darrow said...

Tio Tomaso, you have no idea. Four Les Pauls, five Fender strats, stwenty boutique or hand-made strat models, Precision basses, Hamer basses, Hamer Standard guitars, Hamer Flying Vs.


A pearl kit.


talent is being filled. . . .