Thursday, May 27, 2010

I think and feel that Gloria Allred is the antiChrist

I do not see her as more than someone exploiting . . . everyone


thingy said...

Hmm... I like her gumption. : )

Big Billy Clinton said...

Gumption in the service of . . . what?

Claiming that clients have been victimized because they've . . . participated in things, and made choices, that subject them to scrutiny?

Zealously protecting her clients' privacy by parading them through endless press conferences and interviews?

I will confess that I am slow to criticize her, because I am sensitive to the existence of double standards, and the subtle harassment yet suffered by the distaff side.

But I ultimately do criticize, because I don't find her defending victims, but instead find her exploting the "victimization" of clients who are offended by others' reactions to the clients.

Among these I number Amber F., Joslyn J., Rachel U.

On the other hand, I acknowledge that some of her clients are kicking down some doors [not heavy ones, mind you] that deserve kicking. So I'll honour your gumption-based like, thingy

thingy said...

Allred has an agenda, a cause. First and foremost she is an advocate for women's rights.

I have no problem with her seeking high profile cases. Would you not say that is a practical move?

It is difficult for me to defend bimbos who "made choices." but, I really do believe Allred's intention is to try and change this belief that women can be bought and/or used.

That message may get lost because she is so out there and abrasive, but I have to say, I get it.