Monday, May 17, 2010

Hank Jones, awesome piano player, dead

Hank Jones, legendary jazz pianist, died this weekend at the ripe old age of 91.

Tomanonymous was kind enough to chide me when I thought about bailing out on a Hank Jones “90th Birthday Celebration” at Birdland in Manhattan.

I’m pleased to say I went, even sneaking a photo or two on the old phone. . . .

Those photos are gone, as is Hank.

Please click photo to enlarge

I have culled a paragraph from the NY Times obituary, because I – in my limited knowledge of jazz – agree wholeheartedly with the description of his style. His complex, multi-faceted style. To wit:

His fellow musicians admired his imagination, his versatility and his distinctive style, which blended the urbanity and rhythmic drive of the Harlem stride pianists, the dexterity of Art Tatum and the harmonic daring of bebop. (The pianist, composer and conductor André Previn once called Mr. Jones his favorite pianist, “regardless of idiom.”)

For a 90-yr.-old, the motherfucker rocked.

And was charming to boot.


Tomanonymous said...

First Les, now Hank. Maybe the only thing keeping Sonny Rollins alive is the fact that you passed on seeing him twice.

Marlon Brando said...

"tomanonymous" is



"cruel man"

don't remind me

when are you getting your motorcycle license, and will you then have permission to buy an inexpensive motorcycle?

Tomanonymous said...

I believe "when hell freezes over" covers both questions.