Friday, May 14, 2010

Failed Comebacks

Like Jim Palmer and Richard Nixon in 1991, the comeback appealed to me.

 I had made too big a deal of how hard life had become.  My pal L'il Jimmie, suffering a similar fate, took his corpulence, sucked it up, and tried to rebound.  But he wasn't trying a comeback. No, that was my gig.

It ain't no more.

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You folks have been some godalmighty kind. Well wishes from friends I've never met -- you know, friends across the country who get that they might see their friends play a club on a Thursday night only to realize they're in the only place in the world anyone should want to be -- have made their way to me.

Ignored phone calls from Lupners and Lalanes [Jack] have buoyed my spirits, whilst not kicking me out of this shit.

It's tough.

You wouldn't know that I'm doing badly -- when I posed on Wednesday for the above pic, I tried to rally. Give the comeback one last try.

I failed.

I'm just goddamned tired, and can see how every "characteristic" of my family [read: pathology] has played out over the last fifty-five years to land me here.

If it weren't for masturbation and the double switch, I don't know how I'd survive.

Anyway, my thanks to my friends. I'm tired, unfunny [unfunnier than usual, that's too bad], but oh-so-eager to make a comeback.

But when I do, I promise I'll bring some flair to it. . . .


mister muleboy said...

I note that in neither photo do I appear to have a penis

thingy said...

I'm sure it's quite nice. Hang in there.

Hmm... well, any way that you can.