Friday, April 9, 2010

Current five least fab Beatles songs

Oh darling

Eight dYs a week


Lady Madonna

Maxwells silver hammer


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

-- except i did enjoy the introduction to one of recordings of this from one of the american tours where John says, "And now for Paul McCartney of Liverpool, opportunity knocks."

Mister Parker said...

"Maxwell's Silver Hammer" belongs on one list, and then you have to start making another list, like "Five Least Fab Beatles Songs That Even On Their Worst Day Are Still Better Than Maxwell's Silver Hammer."

But I know what you mean.

Little Johnny Jewel said...


Little Johnny Jewel said...

I love a reasoned argument.

Actually, I don't understand the Maxwell antipathy. It's not their best song, but it's still very good.

Anna isn't even a Beatle song. Yet it's brilliant, in the original and even more so when assayed by the fabs.

Eight Days A Week is pure genius on any one of those days.

Oh Darling is slightly cod, but has a million dollar vocal performance.

Lady Madonna is Bad Penny Blues improved 1000%.

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Of course, by "current" least fab, mr. muleboy could be meaning that like her majesty, he changes from day to day, and by current "least fab" he could be meaning not that the songs aren't fab but that were he forced at gunpoint to rank-list all the lads' fab songs from 1 to 2,000, those 5 would come in as his 1,995 - 2,000 favorite fab songs: a high honor indeed!

Who knows? Mr. Muleboy will never say!

But amongst the Mule-Parker-Jewel schools, I'm mostly in the Jewel camp. Eight Days a Week is a Ringo-ism so i'm predisposed to love it. Plus it's got harmonies and hand claps. What I like about Lady Madonna despite its radio overplay, you get to wait around for the "Thursday night your stockings needed mending -- see how they run" line to come around -- i say Ha!, that line's a good 'un & well set up; always makes me smile.

Yesterday is even less of a Beatles song than Anna -- it really is a solo McCartney effort. Very listenable on the first 110,000 listens obviously, but it won't bother me much if I never hear it again. My head will occasionally play it anyway, unbidden & unwanted & uncalled for ...

Silver Hammer is perhaps a matter of taste -- you're either amused by that kind of stuff or you're not. I mean it's not rock 'n roll, but you should have to admit that it's clever & has some great harmonies & is in a great tradition of Excitable Boy type serial killer humor -- well, more accurately, if I ran the world you would have to admit it :-)

Mister Parker said...

Well, to clarify, there's not a single song by the Beatles that I would turn off if it came on the radio. So that automatically makes the worst thing they ever did better than the best thing that, say, Guns n Roses ever did.

For me, that is. I'm sure many fine people love Guns n Roses, and I for one believe people have a right to their own musical tastes.

As misguided and atrocious as those tastes may be.

I kid.

Skipping covers, bootlegs and everything on Anthology's 1-3, my current five least favorite Beatles songs:

"Maxwell's Silver Hammer" -- too cute, and the fact that its laborious recording sessions pissed away the last of whatever good will the rest of the Beatles might have had toward Paul really makes it grate on my nerves when I hear it.

Of course, by the same light, "Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da" should also get on my nerves, but it doesn't. It was a number one hit that was never released as a single.

Okay, what else. Hmm. That's it. I just ran the list. Everything else I like and to say, for example, that "Hold Me Tight" doesn't work as well as "A Day in the Life" just feels churlish and crabby.

Mister Parker said...

Now, my current most fab Beatles song would be "She Said She Said" which never fails to work for me. Sometimes I even dig out the bootleg of John's demo just to listen to that "ah-ha!" moment when all seemed to tumble together for him.

When I was a boy, everything was right ... even if, of course, I realize now it wasn't and that I'm actually crazy as a shithouse rat. But what a great song ...

Word Verification: "Cracommo," who as I recall was the Marx Brothers' drug dealer ...

mister muleboy said...

Anna isn't even a Beatle song. Yet it's brilliant, in the original and even more so when assayed by the fabs.

I promise I'm neither being pedantic nor argumentative, but I don't understand how it's not a beatles song.

I know it isn't composed by the Beatles, but I don't think they released any song composed by the Beatles.

So I should have said least fab Beatles recordings.

But potentially implicit in that title is a criticism of the recording quality (or productin/engineering), and not a criticism of the recording as listening experince.

Okay, I am pedantic. . . .

Anyway, the current five least fab Beatles songs are

Oh Darling

Lady Madonna


12-Bar Original {a ha! A Beatles song - I stand corrected. . .]

She's a Woman


I'm Down

Current fave Beatles songs:


Every Little Thing,


Leave My Kitten Alone

She Said and And Your Bird Can Sing

are never-ending sources of joy for me. , , ,

I, too, love a reasoned argument

mister muleboy said...

yes, there are six "current five least fab beatles songs" this morning. . . .

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

I'm Down? That rave up is your 6th Top 5 Least Fave Fab 4? I swear Mr. Mule if I didn't know you better I'd say that on this point you are just being difficult. :-)

¡barangus!™ said...

What about "What's the New Mary Jane"?

Disqualified as it is not on any original album?

It is atrocious, though.

mister muleboy said...

Sorry, Who, but I'm Down is a current Least Fab.

I have issues with the sincerity of Paul on the rockers and rave ups. I actually prefer some of his less-liked material, as I think he's really all there.

This does not include the Shea Stadium I'm Down -- I have no doubts about the keyboard player's sincerity. . . .

I do, though, prefer I'm Down to She's a Woman. . . .

Little Johnny Jewel said...

If I'm not mistaken, Flying is also credited to all four of the lads.

Because I'm sure you're anxious to know... my current five least fave Fabs songs:

Run For Your Life
I Want You (She's So Heavy)
Ob-la-di Ob-la-da
Happiness Is A Warm Gun
erm, can't think of a fifth one

Always in the top ten:

You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)

mister muleboy said...

Run For Your Life is always on my list, except when it's not.

Meaning it fell off the "current" list because it had so predominated.

Tomanonymous said...

I remember Nancy Sinatra's version of Run for Your Life stirring feelings I did not fully understand at the time (I was 7).

I'm sure it wouldn't work as well now (then again....)