Thursday, March 4, 2010

Big Star - Television Stars

It seems impossible to imagine that Jay Leno was ever even this hip.

La Grande Estrella con su "super-hit" "La Vida en La Carrera" :


¡barangus!™ said...

Big Star frustrates the heck out of me. My constant thought is "great songs, lousy arrangements."

Whether it's the Gin Blossoms doing Back of a Car, CT doing Out In The Street, Teenage Fanclub doing Jesus Christ or even, gawd forbid, the Bangles doing September Gurls my general reaction was:

Oh that's what that song was supposed to sound like.

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Lol as the kids say barangus tm -- Excellent, excellent point, and I can't say you're wrong and in fact ... i think you're probably right! But I have to say I do really dig this particular arrangement -- if i step back i have to admit, this number moves along at a nice-quick clip! Yet it ALSO feels SO laid back, SO self-assured, maybe a little too Cowboy Junkies for some tastes, but a remarkable feat i think -- I'm: "How they do that?" How do you rock out all casual-like, no histrionics.

Pretty masterful, i think, and somehow sincere. I say "Thums up," as Mr. Muleboy would say.

Can you imagine being the music producer who has to decide who gets on these shows and who doesn't? I wouldn't last a month. I wouldn't be able to sleep worrying about it, trying to get it right. So many great bands, so few national venues ...