Sunday, February 7, 2010

Woke up from a horrible nightmare where young people thought you could
enjoin publication of the amount of peas eaten by soldiers

Yes, that really is a dream o' mine

And guess which "character" ruthlessly and cruelly corrected the
offending (self-righteous) girl-woman . . .

And worried that he might be wrong

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Who Am Us Anyway? said...

And worried that he might be wrong ... man that is like KEY to all my epic dreams: the feeling that everything i know could be wrong, that I'm faking it, trying to pretend that i know what I'm doing when all the while in the back of my dream-mind i'm worrying that actually there is a chemistry final tomorrow for a class that i forgot to ever attend after the first week (a near-universal dream i believe!) (also, hoping no one notices I'm not wearing any pants), or most recently realizing that the huge crowd of innocent, trusting families i'm confidently leading on foot through the mean streets of Chicago to safety for some unspecified reason are going to be very upset when they find out i actually have no idea where we really are (woke up from this one very worried and guilty indeed), and etc. etc. :-)