Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's *That*?



Winsome Lose 'em


my abso-fuckin'-lutely fave new band of the last few years is <a href="www.theeveningrig.com">The Evening Rig</a>.  These cats is smokin' IMHestimation.


I learned o' the Evening Rig through the <a href="www.absolutepowerpop.blogspot.com">Absolute Powerpop website.  The description caught my attention, and I was floored by how much I loved the band.


Accordingly, I bought three new CDs from CD Baby on the strength of an <a href=http://absolutepowerpop.blogspot.com/2010/02/midweek-midwestern-roundup.html>Absolute Powerpop recommendation.</a>


I played them for the first time whilst driving wi' m' girlfriend this weekend.


Have you ever wanted to slink back into your shirt and disappear, only to reappear making that "who farted?" face. . . .?

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