Monday, February 1, 2010

Being a Grown Up Can Be Tiring. No. 1

What an odd weekend.

I now no longer feel old, or am old,

I choose old.

A little combo of opera and ballet at the DC Atlas Arts Center, where the birthday o' that bad boy, Wolfgang A. Mozart was celebrated, with a young ballet company adding some splash to Mozart's finest.

That was Saturday, with late night coffee in hipsville USA [the Atlas District], followed by more coffee at Bob and Edith's.

Sunday was lounge jazz at the Kennedy Center, with the inimitable Marilyn Older

and her imitable colleagues in Chaise Lounge doing the duties o' entertaining me and my lady friend. If you tap on this screen capture [courtesy o' the Mythical Monkey],

you can watch the show. Great sound there at the Millenium Stage. . . .

The evening continued with a flight o' raw ersters --Oyster on the HalfShell -- at the Old Ebbit Grill.

Also known as the Olde Ebbittee Grille. . . .

I heartily recommend the Wellfleets -- but keep that secret, as I don't want the stock to dwindle.

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