Monday, January 11, 2010

Some things are dirty little secrets

I thought that Harry Reid came in for some unwarranted criticism, but not unwarranted scrutiny.

While I may agree with him, he never should have said:

Hillary really stands a good chance of getting elected, and becoming our first woman president.  First of all, she rarely looks or acts like a woman -- she's a pitbull in pants.  But more importantly, when she wants to, she can show off a great pair of funbags. . . .

This sort of thing has no place in American politics


thingy said...

Don't laugh cause I'm quite naive. Is that really her?

Even if it isn't, I have found a new way to diet.

I will not be eating breakfast today...or lunch.

¡barangus!™ said...

That's right Harry. The President is a near.